Things You Might Not Know About Aluminum Machining


One of the oldest forms of traditional manufacturing has to be CNC machining. It is a process that creates products mostly from metal parts by removing bits and pieces that one might not be using. Over the years, machining aluminum is what has been the most common process carried out. There are various reasons for this, and the top one is aluminum. It is one of the best metals to take through the recess. If you have no idea what aluminum machining is, you are not alone. Here are some of the things you need to know about aluminum machining.

Do your research on the product being made

Just like every other production process, it helps if you know more about your product. The machining process often might be a good choice for other products you deal with, but not all the products work well with the process. Take your time and figure out what products will go well with it. You can make clips, bolts, and caps from this process.

Observe the temperature

While aluminum is a metal that takes on heat well, there is bound to be shrinkage at the end of the day when the metal cools down. Knowing about this will help you make the right choice when it comes to the dimension of the product you are working on. It will also ensure that you subject the metal to the amount of heat it can handle without warping too much. If you expose it to a lot of heat, it might not end up with the shape you want, leading to spoiled final products.

Figure out if you will use pure aluminum or an alloy

Another thing you need to figure out is whether you will use an alloy or pure aluminum. While an alloy will mean you get the better of the two metals you plan on using, it also means you have to figure out whether these two metals actually go well together. If you pick metals with different melting points, then there is a huge chance that one of the metals will get spoilt, or there is a huge chance the metals will not fuse well together. You also need to remember that just as you are combining two metals with weaknesses, you also get the downside of both metals.

Get a machine that works

Another thing that will determine the outcome of your product would have to be the machines you use. Since there will be great heat produced, you have to get a machine that can handle it. Although it might not be a lot of heat, it is still a lot that might affect the final product being worked on. Aluminum is sensitive when it comes to these issues.


Getting the right product will depend on how you treat it during manufacture. Keeping this in mind, it helps if you get your machine and metals right. With aluminum, there is a chance you will not make any major mistakes, but it helps if you can get it right from the start. Get the right metal and the right machine for the job.


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